Taiwan Film Festival 2021 Movie Pass

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Early Bird Festival Pass 12 Euros

Early bird discount available from 01. Aug. 09:00 to 20. Aug. 09:00 on our Vimeo page.

Standard Festival Pass 18 Euros

Standard price from 20. Aug. 09:00 to 29. Aug. 09:00 on our Vimeo page.

  • Granting unlimited access to all the films on Vimeo on demand for 7 days.
  • Enjoy the entire program of Taiwan Film Festival from your sofa.
  • Don’t forget our online movie forum and interviews, come join us for free!
  • Your 7-day Festival Pass allows you to stream all films via Vimeo between 20 and 29 Aug. 2021.

Please keep in mind:

  • Festival Passes are only available within Germany.
  • Festival Passes will be activated, once You log in to Vimeo on Demand.
  • Which movies can I watch on Vimeo?

    With the Festival Pass, you can stream ALL the films we have in the program from 20 to 29 Aug 2021.

  • Where can I buy the Festival Pass? What are the payment methods?

    On our Vimeo page, you can purchase the Festival Pass by clicking the RENT ALL button. Payment methods include credit card and Paypal.

  • I just want to watch one film in your program, do I have to buy the Festival Pass?

    Unfortunately, we only have one ticket package: the Festival Pass. We understand that you might only be interested in watching one film, however, we ask you to keep an open mind and use this opportunity to explore our wonderfully diverse programme!

  • Can I purchase a Festival pass in advance?

    Absolutely, you can purchase the pass from the beginning of August. Keep in mind that all films will be available for viewing from 20 to 29 Aug 2020.

  • I live outside Germany, can I buy the Festival Pass and stream online?

    Due to copyright laws, our Festival Passes and online access are only available within Germany. We apologise to our overseas fans and we are working hard to expand our festival in the future.

  • Do those films have subtitles?

    All films will have English subtitles. For more information, please refer to the film descriptions on Vimeo.


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